Flashlight glare rechargeable super bright waterproof multi-function 5000 long-range outdoor home special forces can be mini LED

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Color classification
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ტრანსპორტირების ღირებულება
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Charging mode Multi-purpose charges
Brand SHENYU/神鱼
Whether the mall with the same paragraph Yes
Goods number YF1005
Light bulbs and accessories LED
Maximum brightness (maximum luminous flux) 240 lumens (inclusive) -350 lumens (not included)
Maximum range 200 (does not contain) (including) - 500m
Material quality Aluminum alloy
weight 140g
Battery specification 18650
Going on the market time in 2015 spring
Gear position 2 grades of - 4 grades
Whether it is adjustable Yes
Continuous lighting time Regards the battery situation to decide
usage time Regards the battery situation to decide
Is it waterproof? Yes
Is it rechargeable? chargeable
Duration of charging 8 hours
Habitat China
Price tag 298
Color classification 10w spotlight long-range cob side light two in one two electric one charge
Applicable environment hunt
Sports outdoor project diving
length 13CM
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