Deep Water Bay carrots salmon intestines imported baby food supplement for children ready to eat fish sausage 75g * 10 boxes

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net weight 750g
Packing package
Brands Deep Gulf / Deep Water Bay
series Carrot stick composition means deep salmon
specification 75g*10
By way of sale combination
Place of origin China Mainland
province Shandong Province
city Qingdao
Package weight 2 people
Delivery frequency Once a week
Food taste Fish flavor
Production license number QS3702 2201 1497
Make Qingdao deep Gulf Food Co., Ltd.
Factory site Chengyang District Road 299 Great Wall
Contact the manufacturer 0532-87735777
Storage method Please placed in a cool dry place
Shelf Life 240
Production Date December 1, 2017 to December 1, 2017
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