Men's socks winter socks male cotton men in tube socks towel socks wholesale stockings plus velvet thick warm Dongkuan

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Color Classification
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Time to market 2016 autumn and winter
Double the number 5 pairs
Brands Pour grid
Style Towel in tube socks for men
The type of sales channels Pure electricity supplier (sold online only)
Fabric material composition 75% cotton, 20% polyester polyurethane elastic fibers (spandex) 5%
Color Classification Solid color【Thicker section】 folk-custom【Thicker section】 Dimensional box【Thicker section】 Dotted line diamond lattice【Thicker section】 5 pairs of black【Thicker section】 SPORT letter【Especially thicker section】 Big box【Thicker section】 Sailor paragraph paragraph five-pointed star British style striped socks striped models Superman section pipe Striped national wind spell color models business models under paragraph leaves little Lincoln models pinstripe star models models models cartoon horse cartoon mix and match models
size Collection to purchase priority shipments are five pairs of dress code【Buy 1 send a retransmission five pairs of 15 pairs of socks were issued】
Tube high In-tube
thickness Thicken
Fabric material cotton
pattern other
Functional uses socks Keep warm
style Simple
To apply a gender male
Season winter
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