Fashion Korean version of the simple wild men's titanium steel with chain thick chain personality domineering clavicle snake bone keel chain accessories

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Color classification
მიწოდების ვადა
ტრანსპორტირების ღირებულება
შიდა ტრანსპორტირების საფასური


Time to market Spring and summer 2017
Whether the mall with the same paragraph Otherwise
Chain material Titanium steel
Marketing channel type Pure electricity business (only on online sale)
Chain style Snake chain
Pendant material alloy
Brand 索星娜丝
Extension chain no
Color classification Twist chain
pattern Other
Style Japan and South Korea
Mosaic material Not inlaid
Whether with a drop Otherwise
Whether multiple layers Otherwise
Is suitable the sex male
Whether in stock Spot
perimeter 51cm (inclusive) -80cm (inclusive)
Color brand new
New exotic Freshly baked
Goods number SXNS70513A02
Price range 25-29.99 yuan
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