Xiaomi / millet Xiaomi laptop Air 13.3 吋 i5 thin portable student game computer notebook official authentic ultra-thin

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warranty period 12 months
thickness 10.0mm (does not contain) (including) - 15.0mm
Body weight(Battery included) 1.3kg
manufacturer Beijing Tianmi Technology Co., Ltd.
Energy efficiency rating First level
Brand Xiaomi/小米
series 13.3 inches
Model 2G alone
Screen size 13.3 inches
Screen compared to example 16:9
CPU i5-7200U
Graphics card type MX150
Memory capacity 2G
Mechanical hard disk capacity 0
Memory Capacity 8g
Is suitable the scene family entertainment
operating system 10
input device Touchpad
Whether it is ultrabook Otherwise
Resolution 1920x1080
Whether touch screen Non-touch screen
Product barcode 0000000000000
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