Lenovo laptop student game book eat chicken laptop 15.6-inch laptop light and portable game this small new sharp 7000 i7 alone significantly non-savior Y7000

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warranty period 12 months
thickness 20.0mm and above
Screen type IPS display
Body weight(Battery included) 2.3kg
manufacturer Lenovo
Energy efficiency rating First level
Brand Lenovo/联想
series Little new
Model Rui 7000
Screen size 15.6 inches
CPU i7-7700HQ
Graphics card type (Notebook)
Memory capacity 2GB
Mechanical hard disk capacity 1TB
SSD 128G
Memory Capacity 8GB
Optical drive type No optical drive
Is suitable the scene family entertainment
weight 2kg (inclusive) -2.5kg (not included)
Lithium battery electricity core quantity lithium polymer battery
After sales service Nationwide warranty
operating system 10
Communication technology type Bluetooth
input device Touchpad
Package Type 1T+128g solid state/GTX1050 graphics card /
Whether it is ultrabook Otherwise
Resolution 1920x1080
Whether touch screen Non-touch screen
Product barcode 0000000000000
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