Spot speed Casio / Casio TR-M10 self-timer artifact beauty digital camera TR750mini version

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warranty period 12 months
manufacturer Casio
Brand Casio/卡西欧
Casio model TR-M10
Photosensitive part type CMOS
Sensor size 1/2.3 inch
special function Optical image stabilization
Picture element 12,760,000
optical zoom focus
Color brand new
Display size 2.5 inches
Storage medium TF (microSD) card
type of battery Lithium battery
After sales service National joint guarantee
Color Classification white
Screen type Touching screen
Effective picture element 1000 - 12,000,000
Against shakes the performance Not anti-shake
HD camera 1024(1024x1024)
Lens type Dives looks at the type
Applicable scene Feminine market
weight 101g (inclusive) -150g (inclusive)
Operating system Other /other
Maximum aperture F2.8
Whether to support the viewfinder Viewfinder is not supported
Exposure mode Procedure AE
Metering method Diverse light measuring
White balanced pattern Automatic
LCD screen size 2.5 inches
Effective Pixels(value) 10,500,000
Optics focal variation(Value) focus
Display size(value) 2.5 inches
Product net weight(Body only) 138g
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