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CPU brand Kirin 970
Time to market 2017-11
Product range Glory V10
screen size 5.99 inches
Body thickness 6.97mm
manufacturer Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
Battery capacity 3750mAh
Brand honor/荣耀
model Glory V10
Style Straight board
Postpositioned camera 20000000(Black and white)+16 million(color), F/1.8 aperture
Operating system 8.0
Additional function GPRS Internet
After sales service Nationwide warranty
Touching screen type Multi-touch touch screen
Movement memory RAM 6GB
Keyboard type Virtual touch screen keyboard
Resolution Picture element
cellphone type 4G handset
type of battery Not dismantable -like battery
Camera type Three cameras(After double)
Video display format 3gp, mp4
Network mode Dual card dual standby single pass
Core number 1.8GHz
Version type China Mainland
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