A pair of shoes to wear sandals female summer 2018 new flat simple student wild black beach slippers Roman shoes

  • კატგეორიის წონა: 1.3
  • ფიქსირებული წონა: 0
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Color Classification
მიწოდების ვადა
ტრანსპორტირების ღირებულება
შიდა ტრანსპორტირების საფასური


Lining material PU
Insole material PU
Brand other/其他
Listing year season Summer of 2018
style Japanese
Help surface material Suede
Cortical features Frosted
Sole material rubber
Toe style Open toe
High heel Low heel (1-3cm)
Following style flat
Upper height Low help
After the help Backspace
Side help Hollow
Closed way Set foot
pattern Pure color
Shoe making process Adhesive shoes
suitable occasion daily
Suitable child(Under 18 years old)
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